Exam Details

There are four distinct exams that map to the four certification roles of FITSP. Each exam is computer-based and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. The exams deal with subjects and themes found in the six FITSP domains based upon the respective certification role (Auditor, Designer, Manager, Operator).     

The cost for each exam is $395 and can be taken In-person or Remote Proctored.     

FITSI does not restrict candidacy based on membership in any society, undue financial conditions, or other conditions not relevant to the scope of this certification. FITSI is a non-discriminatory certification body compliant with Federal and State Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. FITSI membership is not required to take any FITSP Certification exams.



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Types of Exam Delivery  

FITSI Exams are conducted in two different ways. The two exam deliveries are: 

1. In-Person Testing - In-person exam testing uses a dedicated room with a dedicated proctor and computer equipment. FITSI provides the hardware and software, and these events allow multiple candidates to take the FITSI exam simultaneously.   (Currently not being offered during the pandemic).

2. Remote-Proctored Testing - Remote-proctored testing uses an online platform to deliver the exam to candidates at their home, office, or other private location while being monitored by a FITSI Exam Proctor. The exam candidate will use a personal computer provided by the candidate. The candidate will install the exam software application onto the personal computer to access the online platform. Candidates will use a secondary device such as a smartphone or tablet to connect to an online meeting space where the FITSI Exam Proctor will monitor their activities while they take the exam. 


Registration Instructions

Registering for the FITSP certification exam is easy:

 1.  Determine In-person or Remote Proctored Testing.  

2. Determine which certification role you will sit for (i.e., Auditor, Designer, Manager, or Operator).

3. Fill out the registration form.

4. Follow any additional steps.

5. Download the FITSI Certification Candidate Handbook to understand the exam policies and procedures (

6. Take the exam.