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The Federal IT Security Institute (FITSI) is proud to announce that the FITSP Certification Program has been officially approved under the Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 8140. This approval marks a significant milestone, underscoring the alignment of FITSI's certifications with the rigorous standards required for cybersecurity roles within the DoD. As a leading certification body in federal cybersecurity, FITSI is committed to providing the highest quality training and certification programs to enhance the cybersecurity workforce's readiness and capabilities.

Overview of the 8140 and DCWF Program

The DoD Directive 8140, also known as the DoD Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (DCWF), is a comprehensive program designed to standardize the roles, training, and qualifications for the DoD's cybersecurity workforce. It replaces the previous 8570 Directive and aims to create a more adaptable, skilled, and resilient cybersecurity workforce capable of responding to the nation's evolving security threats. The DCWF categorizes cybersecurity work into specific roles, each with defined knowledge, skills, and abilities, to ensure that personnel are adequately prepared to protect and defend DoD information systems against cyber threats.

Approved FITSI Certifications to DoD Work Roles

FITSI's FITSP Certification Program offers four role-based certifications tailored to the specialized needs of the federal IT security workforce: Auditor, Designer, Manager, and Operator. These certifications have been recognized for their alignment with specific DoD Work Roles as outlined in the DCWF, covering a wide range of essential cybersecurity functions. The following is an overview of how each FITSI certification corresponds to DoD cybersecurity work roles:

DoD 8140 and FITSP Certifiations Mapped to Work Roles

FITSI's certifications provide a structured path for cybersecurity professionals to validate their expertise and align their skills with the strategic needs of the DoD. By achieving these certifications, individuals demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity readiness and contribute to the security and defense of the nation's critical information infrastructure.