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The FITSP-Operator certification is intended for federal workforce personnel, both federal employees and contractors, whose role is primarily focused on the implementation and operations of systems owned by, or operated on behalf of, the federal government of the United States. This role deals with high-level, cost-effective, risk-based IT security audit functions that assure program value is achieved within the ever-changing risk and evolving threat environments.

The operator role is designed for candidates who operate and maintain automated information systems found within the United States Federal Government. These are usually IT professionals that support the day-to-day operations of an agency's information systems.


Candidates are tested on a comprehensive Federal Body of Knowledge (FBK), which consists of a library of federal statutes, regulations, standards, and guidelines. The FBK is divided into six domains and 18 IT security topic areas.

The exam is three hours long and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions focusing on the knowledge and skills that federal IT operations professionals must know.

Additionally, a minimum of five years of generic information systems security experience is required. This experience can be inside or outside the federal government.