Department of Defense (DOD) Approves FITSI Certifications for the DOD Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) Program!

The Department of Defense recently approved FITSI Certifications to be included in the DOD Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) program. The COOL program is built and maintained on the needs of the Department of Defense. It is intended as a workforce professionalization tool for active duty, reserve, and civilian personnel with the DOD.

"Our ANAB accreditation under ISO 17024:2012 enabled us to submit our program for review by DOD and demonstrate the value of FITSI Certifications," Jim Wiggins, FITSI's Chief Executive Officer, said. "With the DoD approving FITSI, we now have many different Federal Departments and Agencies that use and accept our certifications for their workforces."

The DOD COOL program is an information resource for service members to learn what civilian credentials pertain to their military training and experience and resources available to help them attain the credentials. It also allows civilian personnel to learn about professional development opportunities available in their career areas. Finally, the COOL program provides links to credentials, credentialing agencies, training, and other resources that Service members or civilian personnel use when they decide to obtain a credential.

More information about the DOD COOL program can be found here: