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FITSI Certification Reinstatement Late Fee

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FITSI certification holders who have their certification revoked will need to fill out a certification reinstatement application and bring their CPEs and AMFs current.  For certifications that have been revoked for more than six months a $100 late fee is assessed as a penalty for each six months after the revocation date.

For example, if your certification was revoked in June 2011 and you were submitting for reinstatement in January 2012, six months have passed, and you would owe 20 CPEs for the June 2011 June 2012 period plus 10 CPEs for the additional six months since lapsed date for a total of 30 CPEs. Additionally, you would need to pay a $100 reinstatement fee.

If you need to cover more than one six month period you can simply add multiple quantities to the check out process.  For example, if your certification has been revoked for 12 months, add two quantities to this checkout form.

Certifications which have expired more than 18 months ago cannot be reinstated.

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